Whether I can read women?

When seeing a woman, can I estimate which wedding dress will fit her?

Often they do. Not always. Sometimes the image arises with me during the appointment and I get clearer and clearer in my mind what the perfect dress or suit should look like for this woman. Sometimes it really is a collaborative search. Then we try different styles and see how the bride feels about them. Slowly we then eliminate styles and then dresses/suits until we are left with one. And I also find that collaborative search incredibly fun. The satisfaction is just great when the bride is completely happy with her outfit. If it fits her perfectly, highlights all her beautiful sides well and if the bride feels completely confident and herself. Then my mission is accomplished!

Photo real Pippi bride Eva-Maria in tight simple long wedding dress with small train. Over that, she wears a lace biker jacket with gold zippers. Dress and jacket in ivory white.
Eva-Maria chose her dress in corona time. She told me on the phone roughly what she was looking for and I went to her house with a rack full of dresses and jackets. Her story was so clear and I could almost hear already from her voice what type of dress she was looking for. The day after, we chose the jacket to go with it. With this, her outfit was very individual and, above all, completely suited to her personality

When I get a new customer, I have often already seen her in the store and talked to her briefly. If I’ve never seen the client before, I’ll send her an intake form with some questions about daily dress style, her desired look for the wedding, etc. Then I have a bit of a picture and can better prepare for the appointment.

Image upon entry

Then when the woman comes in, takes off her coat and sits down, I often already get an idea of the “type of bride” she is. I usually cannot put this into words yet, but it has to do with : dress style, self-confidence, hair, way of getting acquainted, way of moving and tone of voice.

Sometimes, and really not always, I envision the woman in a wedding dress. I always keep that image to myself, because after all, I am far from sure! After the first meeting with a cup of coffee or tea, during which I also get to know my client’s guests, we start talking about the bride’s desired outfit. Sometimes she has a clear picture of this, but often that picture is not at all sharp. There are also women who just don’t have any idea at all. They (almost) never wear dresses and cannot imagine a wedding dress at all. Often women are also insecure about their bodies. The search can begin! ?

True Pippi bride Steffi with her husband. Steffi wears an ivory tight long wedding gown with butterfly sleeves that are cut on and fall open. The sleeves and high neckline are finished with a small pearl trim
Steffi wanted a simple but stylish dress. On her slender body, I could already envision this dress. She saw it, too. This was good!

Image created

Often the image with me also only arises during the appointment. The bride tells what she has in mind, or we try to unravel that together. I then show some dresses and notice from the bride’s reactions whether I am in the right direction. Once I get a little idea of the bride’s preferences, we’ll start fitting. By now I know, it is useful to work with opposites. For example, a tight dress and then just a wide one. Or a very simple jumpsuit and then a very processed dress. Because of the opposites, the bride can more easily see the difference and more easily eliminate, or strip away. That way we keep a often a few dresses she likes. Sometimes a bride feels very clearly which dress is her favorite and that this should be her wedding dress. However, very often there are two or three dresses that are favorites and she does not know which one to choose. With me, though, it’s often obvious by then. But, of course it’s not my wedding! The bride must choose and be convinced of her choice herself.

What sometimes helps is to create a picture of the wedding together. Where are you getting married? What does the location look like? Where does your partner first see you? What does he/she expect and what would he/she like? Where do you want to take pictures and what do you do with the food? Are you holding a reception or drinks? What will that look like? Do you have a wedding cake? What does it look like? When will the cake be cut? How will the party be? What music? What kind of hall? How many people were invited? Will it be a dance party or mostly a lot of talking and sitting?

As we go through the day together in this way, you slowly see the complete picture emerge and the bride often starts to see which dress then fits that best. We then try again, sometimes again and sometimes again. Just as long, until she is sure which dress is her perfect dress. The dress in which she is beautiful. In which all her beautiful sides are highlighted. A dress in which she is herself and in which she feels confident. If she’s not convinced (yet), or just can’t make up her mind, she’ll come back. Sometimes it is necessary to have some additional dresses “on sight” from the vendors. After a night’s sleep or a week’s reflection, the picture is often clear again. She tries on a few more dresses, or sometimes even just one, and then she often knows. When the bride finally chooses the dress with conviction, she is truly happy. She did not feel pressured, not influenced by others and really found her dress on her own in peace. Then if that’s the dress I secretly had in my head, I really like it. For me, confirmation that I am getting better at “reading” women. Fine in my profession! But when I haven’t seen it, but my bride totally succeeds, I am just as happy and know that many women are hard to fathom. And that, again, is fun!

Real-life Pippi bride Bianca looks at the wedding cake with her husband. She wears a long lace wedding gown with delicate spathetti straps. The lining of the dress is mocha color and the lace over it is ivory white.
After Bianca tried on a few dresses and I had a good idea of her, I had her try on this dress. “This dress can’t fit everyone,” I said. “But I think you have the courage to do this.” And you can see the result here!

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