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You’re getting married! Congratulations! And so you are looking for a beautiful wedding gown. Or maybe you’d prefer a suit, jumpsuit or fun combination? You only buy a wedding outfit once, so you want to do it completely right. But, how do you tackle that? You’re already so busy with work, family, housework and, of course, the organization of your wedding. Help!!!

Let me help you with:

  1. Finding your own style that reflects what you want to radiate
  2. Choosing the very best dress, suit, jumpsuit or combination that highlights all your best sides
  3. Perfect customization of your outfit
  4. Completing your entire outfit with lingerie, shoes and accessories

About Gini

I am Gini Peters and proud owner of the bridal boutique Pippi Bruidsmode in the heart of Venlo. I am very happily married to Sjraar since 1995 and mother of 3 now grown sons.

Over 27 years ago, I went looking for a wedding dress myself. I had no idea what I wanted and made an appointment at the bridal store nearby. They were not very welcoming in that store and I felt that in everything. I certainly didn’t want to buy a dress there!

In the second store, we felt welcome. We were given something to drink and put at ease. After trying on some dresses, I saw a red dress hanging. I put it on and immediately knew that was my dress. In that store I wanted to buy and also bought my dress. Was that a coincidence, or is that just how it works?

I wish every bride could be relaxed and choose her perfect outfit in a pleasant atmosphere. An outfit that suits her look, character and body. In which she feels beautiful and completely herself. With that thought, I started Pippi Bridalwear.

I help modern women choose the dress (or suit, jumpsuit, or combination) that shows what they want to exude and ensures they are confident and show the very best of themselves during their wedding.

I look forward to helping you find your most beautiful, cool and unique outfit that will make you shine on your wedding day. See you soon!

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