Looking your best with shapewear or beautiful bridal lingerie

Will you choose beautiful bridal lingerie or rather invisible shapewaer? Read in this article what options there are to look as beautiful as possible.

Of course you want to look beautiful during your own wedding. Even under that gorgeous wedding gown. In this article, I’ll show you which lingerie choices are best for you. Will it be invisible shapewear or rather very pretty bridal lingerie?

Dress type

Your dress (or suit, jumpsuit or combination of course) determines which lingerie fits well under it. Of course, you also choose lingerie that is comfortable. Then you don’t have to worry about that all day. Of course, you can also choose a very smooth torselet that fits perfectly. Or you can just choose a dress where your favorite lingerie can. Do you want beautiful lingerie for the wedding night? Then after your wedding, throw out your dress quickly which will allow you to change your lingerie very quickly. Surprise!

Tight dress

  • A tight dress that follows your body shapes throughout. In doing so, you prefer to choose shapewear. Lingerie that is invisible under your clothes. Preferably in skin color, because then you really don’t see anything. In your bridal store, they have the best shapewear and invisible lingerie Home. The beauty of this lingerie is that any rolls and bumps are also immediately smoothed out! Fine anyway.
Model with tight ivory white wedding dress. Deep V-neckline and attached pleated sleeves. At the waist a glitter accent.
A smooth tight dress calls for seamless and invisible shapewear. This beautiful dress is from the collection of Le Papillon by Modeca

Sleek top and flared skirt

  • A dress where the top is tight and it flares out from your waist, we see a lot in bridal fashion. Here it is especially important to choose a good invisible bra. For the slip, it is important to look at the color. With a dress that is see-through, a skin-colored slip is best. Also pay attention to edges of your briefs. The less visible of the lingerie, the more beautiful your dress. In your bridal store, they have the best shapewear and invisible lingerie Home.

Loose-fitting top and tight skirt

  • A dress with loose-fitting top and tight skirt. Here, shapewear briefs are especially important. Invisible due to smooth finish and skin color. Ask about this in the store Home.
Smooth satin dress from Studio Serravalle. Halter line and connecting.
Under this dress, an invisible shapewear slip is especially important. This beautiful dress is from Liretta

Strapless or thin spaghetti straps

  • A dress that is strapless or has very thin spaghetti straps. Under such a dress, a “regular” bra is not beautiful. Your best bet then is to choose no bra and good cups in the dress. The seamstress can insert the cups into the dress or replace the existing cups with ones that fit and support you perfectly. You can also opt for adhesive bras. These are not very attractive, but perfect for under your dress. They are skin-friendly and come in many varieties. Ask about it in the store Home!
Delicate dress with thin spaghetti straps, sequin lace and champagne colored lining in the skirt. The lining of the skirt is patterned with glitter.
Under a dress with fine spaghetti straps, wear an invisible adhesive bra. You can also have good cups put in the dress, eliminating the need for a bra. This beautiful dress is from Hervé Paris

Dress with deep back cut

  • A dress with a very deep back cut. How lovely, such a beautiful dress with deep cutout that leaves all the room to show off your beautiful back. Only, then you don’t want to see a bra! The same solutions apply here as with a strapless dress or dress with thin straps: no bra and have good cups made into your dress or an adhesive bra. Ask about it in the store and get advice Home.
Tight crepe dress with lace in the top and lace in the train. The dress has a lace open back and thin spaghetti straps.
A dress with a deep back cut also calls for an invisible adhesive bra. Again, with extra good cups in the dress, you can wear the dress without a bra. You decide what you are comfortable with. Please discuss this in the store with the seamstress. This beautiful dress is from Libelle Bridal

Transparent at the hips

  • A dress that is sheer at the hips. We often see this in dresses with lots of lace. At the hips is then a piece with no lace and only tulle. This makes you look taller in such a dress, so of course that’s very nice. However, if you wear briefs under such a dress, they will be visible and that is often less desirable. If you still want to wear briefs, you can suggest covering the dress in that area where your briefs are visible with some extra lace or a piece of lining. Of course, you can also choose not to wear briefs. It is also possible to wear an adhesive thong. It was developed specifically for this type of dress. Ask about this in the store Home.

Dress with (partially) transparent top

  • Many dresses with a lace top are partially sheer. Sometimes only the cups are visible. Obviously, you can’t wear a regular bra under such a dress. For this, it is also preferable not to wear a bra, but that is not comfortable for everyone. If you still want some extra support, see if the cups in the dress provide enough support. If not, discuss with the seamstress whether other, sturdier cups can be inserted into the dress. If you still want a bra, opt for an invisible adhesive bra. These come in several varieties and the store Pippi can help you with this.
Dress with partially sheer lace top and thin spaghetti straps from Modeca. The dress has a tulle skirt and the lace extends slightly into the skirt.
This gorgeous top that is mostly “see-through” is not something you want to mar with a bra. Again, choose good cups in the dress, which means you don’t have to wear a bra, or an invisible adhesive bra. This particular dress is by Hervé Paris

Get advice!

Of course you already knew that. The best advice you’ll get in your bridal fashion store Who’s Pippi? First, choose the dress, combination or suit of your dreams. Then you also know what you need in terms of lingerie. Don’t skimp on that. Good lingerie really makes you look more beautiful and feel confident all day. You can also use good lingerie more often. The bridal fashion line that Pippi Bridal Home recommends is all from the Poirier brand http://poirier.nl. This Dutch brand develops its own bridal lingerie and tests it very thoroughly for durability, tolerance and comfort.

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