White does not suit me! Misunderstanding or truth?

Ivory white is the trending color in bridal fashion. Does this fit you? And what if you don't like white at all?

Many women think that a white wedding dress does not suit them. Is it? And what color white are we talking about? And if you don’t want white, what do you choose?

White, whiter, whitest

In 1982, Henk Weingaard sang about a “snow-white wedding dress.” Back then, the wedding dresses were actually snow white. Originally, white was also meant to show that you were going into marriage as a virgin. Those times are thankfully over!

Now you actually see in the stores mostly ivory white. This color white is much softer than muscle white. If you want to see the difference, just hold a sheet of printer paper next to a wedding dress and you will see that the dress is a somewhat creamy color compared to the paper. On the skin, that makes a big difference. Whereas real white on the skin can sometimes come across as very harsh, ivory does not. Whereas true white makes rosy skin look almost red, ivory does not do that at all. Ivory is soft in color and matches any skin color. The contrast with dark skin is almost as great with ivory as it is with muscle white. However, ivory is softer and thus the skin takes on a much warmer appearance.

Smooth ivory white dress by Randi Fenoli. The dress has a deep V-neckline and a delicate glitter "belt" detail. The lace cap sleeves are beautiful and slightly puffy.
Ivory white dress by Randy Fenoli

Different color?

Mocha, blush, nude, red or black. Nowadays, we actually see very little color in bridal fashion. Many bridal fashion brands have one dress in black, but then it quickly stops. If you really want a red dress or maybe a green or blue one, you quickly come to the evening dresses.

In the ivory color, we do see that warm tones are played with to give the dress just a little more color. For example, a beige or mocha color lining is often used in the dress, which then comes lightly through the lace or through the tulle of the top layer. Such a darker carpet pad gives the ivory lace then often goes over it extra emphasis. It is often quite an exciting combo, such a mocha color dress with ivory lace. Just look at the picture below.

An all lace dress of fine lace with subtle sequins. The dress has a beautiful V-neckline in which the lace gives a scalloped effect. We see the same effect in the exciting slit in the middle of the skirt at the front. The small cap sleeves go just over the shoulder. The dress of ivory white lace is lined with a mocha color, showing off the lace very nicely.
A mocha-colored carpet pad in this dress from Libelle

We are also seeing very soft pink tones in bridal fashion. These are often called blush. Blush looks beautiful on a tanned or dark tinted skin, but can also color very well on a pale skin with red hair. You just have to give it a try. If you don’t want white, but still want bridal, then blush is a very good choice.

A beautiful color blush in this dream dress from Le Papillon

Nude? Naked?

Yes, you wouldn’t say it, but the color nude (English for nude) we see a lot in bridal fashion. Skin-colored tulle is used a lot. With that, it looks like there are a lot of exciting bits in a wedding dress and you’re looking right at the bare skin. This usually includes skin-colored tulle. This ensures that delicate lace is protected, that the lace of the dress stays nicely in place, and that the bride feels secure. The tulle may be processed between the cups. Then an exciting deep cleavage is visible, but there is just a little bit of skin-colored tulle in between. The cups then stay nicely in place and the bride feels much less naked than it looks!

We also often see tulle incorporated into the back panel. Then you see lace and buttons and it looks like that’s on the bare skin. Then, of course, you can’t and skin-colored tulle is often used. The beautiful soft quality tulle also stretches a bit, allowing it to move with the bride’s movements. The tulle is so thin that the color seems to match the skin color and that’s just the point! This makes it look like you can see the skin directly. Only at very close range can you see that there is a wafer-thin layer of dust between them.

Nude-colored tulle under the lace in the top of this dress by Hervé Paris

Help, what should I choose?

So many brides, so many choices. But, don’t worry. Ivory white looks good on everyone and every skin type. It’s just a matter of taste what you will choose. If you just don’t like white, choose one of the other variants. The mocha and blush in particular are very, often surprising, alternatives. Champagne (a blush variety that goes a little more toward peach color) is also often very pretty and available in many bridal stores.

You can also add a pop of color to your outfit with fun accessories. That could be a colored belt as seen below with Cymbeline’s jumpsuit, or it could be color in your bridal bouquet. Or a fun colored earring, flowers in your hair or colored shoes. You are really not obligated to choose everything in the same color. You know, a Pippi bride decides all by herself what she wants!!!

Jumpsuit from Cymbeline featuring wide 7/8 legs and boat neck with small slit. The jumpsuit in ivory has pockets in the side seam and features a wide pink wrap waistband.
A striking pink belt on this jumpsuit from Cymbeline

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