Uncertainties In Brides: Definitely Nowhere For Need!

Many brides are uncertain when they come to pick out their dresses. They fear that their figure is not beautiful, are excited about being in the spotlight and are afraid of choosing the wrong dress. All these fears are understandable, but unnecessary. In this article, you'll learn why picking out your wedding dress is just plain fun!

Many brides who come into the store are uncertain. Sometimes they are insecure about their figure, sometimes about their fashion sense. Sometimes they just find it very exciting to be in the spotlight, and sometimes they are afraid they won’t choose the right dress. Do you recognize any of this?

Uncertainty Brides About Figure

Many women are insecure about their figure. The same goes for the brides who come to Pippi Bridal Fashion. Of course, this is not surprising when you see the images being spread through all kinds of media.

Even in bridal fashion, the image is not always the reality. Models are selected for their figure and the right look to go with the brand or dress. The model is much slimmer than most other women. Since that’s where they make their living, that’s pretty much all they do: they often eat little and exercise a lot! ?️‍♀️ For the photo shoot, the woman will be expertly made up and coiffed and a stylist will provide the perfect conditions.

The photos and videos are taken by professionals and don’t forget: are extensively edited afterwards. Every spot, lump, streak or roll is polished away and with it, the mock world is complete. When a model is created with AI, she is absolutely perfect. So don’t mistake those pictures. They exist because they were created that way. It has nothing to do with reality.

You see such a photo and immediately think, “that dress could never look that nice on me!”. Well, let me tell you one thing: if it’s your dress, it looks much better on you! After all, nothing is as beautiful as a radiant real bride. No photoshopped model can beat that! Take a look at the photos below. The dress worn by a real bride and the same dress worn by a “perfect” model. It’s pretty obvious who looks prettier!

True bride Claire beams with husband and daughters
Well, a model is beautiful, but never shines like real brides….
Nathalja is truly beautiful during her wedding.
This model is also beautiful, but does not compare to the look real brides….

Brides Sometimes Afraid Of Spotlights

In this age of selfies and tik-tok videos, it sometimes seems like everyone is looking at themselves all day. Of course it is not, because we just have to work, raise children, run a household, etc. There are lots of women who are quite capable of taking a nice selfie, but that doesn’t mean they find it easy. Many women prefer to see themselves a little modestly in the background.

Well, and then you decide to get married. At first it may not penetrate you yet, but slowly you begin to realize that while a wedding like this is fun, you will be the focus of the entire day. Well together with your great love thankfully, but still…. ENG!!!

That’s where we help you. Because you know, if you have the right dress on and it fits perfectly, you will start to feel much more confident. Your best points will be emphasized, making your less beautiful sides just not stand out anymore. ✨

You will also really get used to the idea that you look just beautiful and that everyone wants to admire you! Indeed, you will come to understand that! That also means it will be easy to get your picture taken and feel comfortable and move freely all day. All because of the perfect dress!

You can just tell when brides are feeling absolutely fabulous! Hey Saskia!
Brides’ insecurities disappear when they feel fine and strong. Just look at Avy.
Beautiful and confident, Bibian felt in her beautiful dress. And rightfully so!

Brides Afraid Of Wrong Choice

Whether you were made insecure by “Say Yes To The Dress,” or by something else, this too is not necessary. Choosing a dress is actually a lot of fun. Why would you be afraid of that? With a little help in the store that suits you, picking out just becomes a party!

You really do know if the dress suits you or not. You can feel that in everything. When you have the right dress on, you feel good, strong, confident and all that makes you very beautiful. More beautiful than you have ever seen yourself. If you feel that way, you’re in the right place.

Actually, it is similar to choosing your partner. You also did that by feel. Let that be a comfort to you. Because the fact that you are getting married now means that you can just trust that feeling. So that dress will also be fine. Trust yourself, trust your feelings.

Are you ready to come pick out your perfect dress? Then make an appointment right away. Then the party can begin! https://calendly.com/pippibruidsmode/afspraak Are you one of those unsure brides who first wants to make sure that Pippi Bridal Fashion is your ideal store to find your wedding dress or bridal suit? Then just make an Introductory Appointment first! https://calendly.com/pippibruidsmode/kennismakingsafspraak. I look forward to seeing you and together we will tackle all uncertainties!

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