Trying On Wedding Dresses For Fun? Definitely Not at Pippi Bridal Fashion!

Why trying on wedding dresses for fun is not a good idea and that for you is actually good news!

Can we also try on Wedding Dresses For Fun at your place? We sometimes get this question at Pippi Bridal Fashion, where we help every bride find her dream dress and ensure that this moment is an unforgettable fine experience. In this blog, we explain why we don’t offer a “fit for fun” experience and why that’s actually good news for you!

New Dresses, New Dreams, that doesn’t fit with “wedding dress fitting for fun”

  1. At Pippi Bridal Fashion, we have a collection of new, unique dresses all waiting to enchant a special bride. Each dress is carefully chosen to provide a special experience. By avoiding unnecessary fitting, we preserve the novelty and magic of each dress so you can try on a fresh, undamaged dress. For that reason alone, we don’t want to “try on wedding dresses for fun.”

Picking out a Wedding Dress Is An Intimate Moment

  1. At Pippi Bridal Fashion, we believe in the meaning of wedding dress fitting when you get married. It is an intimate and special moment for you and your guests and we want to cherish that. We understand that choosing your dream dress is an emotional journey, and we want this moment to be all about you, not just for fun. You come to the store with the people who are super important to you and together we will look for the dress that fits you perfectly. We do this quietly, without other brides and with all the care and attention to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. So trying on wedding dresses for fun really doesn’t fit this.
“Wedding dress fitting for fun” often involves the use of old discarded dresses. We just don’t have those in the collection at Pippi Bridal Fashion. All dresses are up to 3 years old.

No Outdated Dresses, Only Beautiful and New

  1. In many cases, “wedding dress fitting for fun” is done with old and discarded dresses (thank goodness!). At Pippi Bridal Fashion, we do not have any old or discarded dresses in our collection. All our dresses are up to 3 years old and radiate with novelty, modernity and exclusivity. We want you to see yourself shine in a dress that is as unique as you are. Our collection is carefully chosen and with each dress we have a bride in mind.
Ilse in her beautiful modern Pippi wedding dress
Avy in her extraordinary modern Pippi Wedding Dress

Why Just Well At Pippi Bridal Fashion

At Pippi Bridal Fashion, you don’t just get a dress; you get an experience, a memory that you will cherish forever. Our collection is carefully curated, our fitting sessions are intimate and personal, and each bride is treated like the queen she is. Every bride who finds her dress at Pippi Bridal Fashion is 100% satisfied. By the way, we won’t let her go any sooner! The selection is done with care and attention, but the fitting sessions with the seamstress are also very nice. We make sure that you go home happy every time and that you end up getting married with the most beautiful dress that fits perfectly and is comfortable. That’s our guarantee!

So, if you are seriously looking for your dream wedding dress, you have come to the right place at Pippi Bridal Fashion. Here it’s not just about finding a dress, but embracing an unforgettable journey towards your perfect day! Would you still like to “try on wedding dresses for fun” sometime? Then visit in Venlo. Want to read more about choosing your perfect wedding dress? then read the blog:

Kristel was so happy with her beautiful dress from Pippi Bridal Fashion that she even stopped by on her wedding day!

Ready to begin your magical journey? Contact us for a fitting session that will stay with you forever!

And do you find it very exciting to make a fitting appointment right away? Then you can also schedule an introductory meeting first. We will have a cup of coffee or tea together, you can get acquainted with owner Gini and you can have a look at the dresses. So with no strings attached, you can quietly gauge whether Pippi Wedding Dress is “your” store. If everything is to your liking, schedule your fitting appointment. Fine anyway!

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