What Does a Wedding Dress Cost? And a Super Beautiful Wedding Dress?

There are several factors that determine the price of a dress, but it is wise not to skimp on your dress. You can regret that all your life!

Welcome to Pippi Bridal Fashion, where we not only offer beautiful wedding dresses, but also provide insight into the cost of your wedding dress. What does a wedding dress cost? And a super beautiful wedding dress? What can you look out for and what is best not to cut back on?

Finding the perfect wedding dress is an investment in your dream wedding, and there are several factors that determine the price of a dress.

What Does a Wedding Dress Cost and How Do the Price Differences Arise ?

In our bridal fashion collection, you can see price differences between dresses. Let me take you through some key factors that affect this:

  1. Small Bridal Houses and Big Brands: Small bridal houses often have their dresses handmade in small workshops, which can increase costs. Big brands produce larger numbers of dresses in series, with automation lowering production costs. At Pippi Bridal Fashion, you will find some major brands such as Modeca and several smaller brands, such as Studio Serravalle. https://pippibruidsmode.nl/pippis-collectie/jurken/
  2. Manufacturing Location: Dresses made in Europe may involve higher labor costs than dresses made in, e.g., Europe. Asia are produced. Most of the brands at Pippi Bridal Fashion have their dresses made in Europe. With that, delivery times are shorter (usually 3-5 months) than of dresses made in the US or Asia, for example. Producing in Europe also benefits sustainability, of course!
  3. Handmade Lace and Details: Handmade lace, embroidery and applying beads and sequins to the dress are time-consuming processes. This craftsmanship, usually true handwork, not only adds to the cost but also gives that unique, luxurious look to the dress. Do you like dresses with lots of embellishments and edits? Then keep in mind to set aside a sufficient budget. You certainly don’t want to skimp on that!
Small brand Studio Serravalle for extraordinary wedding dresses https://pippibruidsmode.nl/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Full-Front-1-scaled.jpg
Belgian brand Marylise produces all wedding dresses in Europe https://pippibruidsmode.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Antonia1.jpg
Novia D’Art is a Spanish label that manufactures all of its wedding dresses in Barcelona https://pippibruidsmode.nl/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/emily_000002_1-scaled.jpg

What Does a Wedding Dress Cost at Pippi Bridal Fashion?

Dresses that are made of high-quality materials and beautifully finished are always more comfortable and have an impressive and luxurious look. A good quality wedding dress can also be altered well by the seamstress so that it fits you perfectly and feels comfortable. Choose quality, because quality is in the whole dress and you can see it mostly on the outside. You feel that all day and your loved one and all your guests see that! They see that you are radiant and that you feel truly beautiful in that perfectly fitting gorgeous luxury dress (or jumpsuit or bridal suit of course!).

Not only are the memories in your head, but the images of your wedding are preserved in the photographs as well. It is the memory of one of the best days of your life. Think before you cut; make sure you never regret making the wrong cut. That every time you look at your wedding photos, you think, “if only I had….”. Give yourself the very best once and invest in a dress that reflects your personality, makes you feel confident and that you can be truly proud of. Choosing a truly beautiful wedding dress is a decision you will never regret.

At Pippi Bridal Fashion we use 4 price groups. Each dress in the store has a product tag on it with a colored dot corresponding to the price range. We also always ask about your budget before the first appointment so we can take it into account. Most dresses at Pippi Bridal Fashion are between €1700 and €2700.

  • €700-€1200 Loose tops and skirts etc. (without make-up costs)
  • €1200-€1700 Dresses without or with few edits
  • €1700-€2200 Dresses from most (Dutch) brands
  • €2200-€2700 Dresses from small and exclusive brands and dresses with lots of embellishments
What does a wedding dress like Michelle's with a very worked lace back cost?
What does a wedding dress like Michelle’s cost?
What does a wedding dress like Irene's cost with an embellished top with lace and beads?
What does a wedding dress like Irene’s cost?

The Importance of an Experienced Coupeuse

A perfectly fitting wedding gown makes the difference between a quickly forgotten dress and one that everyone talks about for a long time. At Pippi Bridal Fashion, we work with experienced seamstresses who will perfect your dress to perfection. They understand that the fit of the dress is crucial to your comfort and appearance on the big day. As you come to try on a few times, the dress feels more and more like “your dress.” You will get used to moving around in the dress and we will practice sitting and walking.

In order not to burden you with additional costs for altering your wedding dress, at Pippi Bridal Fashion we have chosen prices of dresses (and suits and jumpsuits) that include the cost of perfectly tailoring your dress. That way you won’t get any nasty surprises when you checkout your dress. If you want more information about the cost of altering a wedding dress, read this article on The Perfect Wedding: https://www.theperfectwedding.nl/artikelen/4153/trouwjurk-vermaken

At Pippi Bridal Fashion, we understand that every bride is unique, and we are proud to guide you in finding the perfect dress that not only fits you, but exceeds your dreams and expectations.

A wedding dress with lots of lace and beading requires a lot of handwork and is always more expensive https://pippibruidsmode.nl/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Belen1.jpg
This dress with lots of lace and glitter also requires a larger budget https://pippibruidsmode.nl/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Amarynth.jpg
A wedding dress always costs more if it has loose sleeves and/or skirts https://pippibruidsmode.nl/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Veronica4.jpg

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