The Elder Bride

Many brides who are 50+ wonder if they can still get married in a (white) wedding dress. Pippi Bridal Fashion believes that every bride can get married the way she wants, regardless of age. It is especially important to figure out what you feel most comfortable in and how you can look your very best and be completely yourself.

Is it “different” from a younger bride? Any tips and tricks for the 50+ bride?

Many brides at Pippi Bridal Fashion are 50+. Some women then marry for the first time, some are widowed, and still others are completely happy in love again after a divorce. And what could be better than celebrating that happiness? Age is totally unimportant then anyway!

photo bride in ivory jumpsuit with pink metallic booties

Yet many 50+ brides come to me saying, “yes, but of course I am 50+.” I then get to fill in what they mean, but after some questions, the following reflections come out:

  • when you’re 50+ you can’t wear “everything” anymore
  • when you’re 50+, your body isn’t so tight anymore
  • when you’re 50+, you can’t wear white anymore
  • I already got married once, you can’t wear a dress like that again

Celebrating love with a wedding is a great reason to go big with the most beautiful clothes. And then, of course, a really, super beautiful wedding dress is every woman’s dream anyway. As a modern woman, you are lucky enough to be able to choose what that dream dress looks like. You decide what you want to wear and not your age. In addition, it is actually very pleasant to no longer be so very young: you are often much more confident and many women then no longer worry about what others think of them. And that, in my opinion, is the very best attitude when choosing your wedding dress!

When you’re 50+, you can’t wear everything anymore

As mentioned before, you decide and not your age. Many women feel they have to dress their age. I disagree. You dress according to your character and style. If you always like to wear short skirts, of course that’s fine and just suits you. No one else determines whether or not it can. In terms of style, it is much more important to choose a dress that just suits you. For a wedding dress, as a short skirt lover, you could opt for a dress with an exciting slit, or a dress with a short underskirt that shows through under the top layer. Super exciting, very chic, but totally you!

If you never wear dresses and are very sporty, for example, choose a nice jumpsuit or a cool suit. Or just choose a dress that approximates that sporty. A dress in which you can move comfortably and is made of supple fabric. It would then be very strange to put on a super tight dress in which you cannot move properly! So it is especially important to stay close to yourself, and you can do so in your wedding outfit.

One last example: if you are just a girly type and often wear romantic dresses, then that is also nice for your wedding dress. You decide whether something “can” or not. No one else! You should look closely in the mirror when trying on a wedding dress. Be sure to emphasize your best sides so that the less beautiful ones don’t stand out. That works much better than trying to camouflage or hide something. In addition, it is much more fun to emphasize the positive. That will make you feel good while trying them on!

As for the accessories. Many women like a veil, so why not wear one? You can get veils in all shapes and sizes, and you’re sure to find one that suits you and your dress (or suit!). You can also wear such a nice hat at your wedding, or maybe you like a nice hair ornament much better. Just do what you like. If you have something eye-catching in your hair or on your head, go easy on jewelry. After all, you do want to keep it stylish! So just earrings and a bracelet, or just a nice necklace. Are you fond of lavish? Then choose one item with which to go wild. For example, super eye-catching earrings or a big hat.

photo bride wearing veil with satin trim
photo of a hair ornament, a hair garland with freshwater pearls

When you’re 50+, your body isn’t as tight anymore

If your body is not so tight (anymore), you can help nature a little with beautiful shapewear. This may not be the sexiest underwear, but under a wedding dress it is the very best. Young brides usually choose this as well. After all, it also makes you feel confident. Everything is well packed and feels nice and smooth. I very often hear brides say that a dress falls so nicely when you wear shapewear underneath. If such briefs also have legs, you also avoid chafing thighs. Another advantage. You have shapewear of all kinds and qualities. Look for your favorite and you’ll enjoy it long after your wedding.

When it comes to bras, you can also opt for the non-visible varieties. At Pippi Bridal Fashion we have many types of adhesive bras that allow you to wear a solid bra totally invisible yet under your dress. Also, make sure the seamstress adjusts the cups in the dress so they are perfect for your figure. The color can also be adjusted to match your skin tone so they don’t stand out in your dress. Often you won’t need a bra at all besides the cups in the dress, but if you find it more beautiful or comfortable, an adhesive bra is always a good option with that. Take a good look at yourself with a kind look and then you will know just fine yourself to assess what is the best solution for you.

Worried about your arms not being so smooth and tight (anymore)? Many women, of all ages, do not like their upper arms. Then choose a dress or suit with a nice eye-catching top, then you won’t pay attention to your arms. Still want a sleeve? Then, of course, you can always. A small cap sleeve is often very subtle and can give you just a little more coverage, a puff sleeve is super trendy and a cute lace sleeve is always chic. Often fabric from your wedding dress can be reordered and the seamstress can make a sleeve if it is not in your dress. Be careful though, a tight sleeve sometimes actually emphasizes your arms and can be hot in the summer.

fotov woman with shapewear midwaist seamless shorts in white
photo woman in shapewear thin tulle control shorts in nude color

When you’re 50+, you can’t wear white anymore

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, white represented virginity. Back then it was assumed that you went into the wedding as a virgin and that was emphasized with a virginal white dress. But there have also been times when people married in black (like my grandmothers!) and in other cultures they marry in the brightest colors. So, pick from history and cultures what you want and make your own choices.

However, white is still associated with bridal fashion. Many women only feel truly bridal if they wear a white or very light color long dress. Fortunately, the muscle white has been replaced by ivory. This is much softer on your skin tone and therefore looks great on everyone. You can also choose from dresses and suits in various soft shades such as pink, blush, cappuccino or mocha. Sometimes dresses are only lined with those colors and ivory lace, tulle or chiffon goes on top.

If you want a dress in a really different color or black, then the choice in wedding dresses is very limited and it is better to look for a beautiful evening dress. You can also customize your ivory dress or suit with loose (colored) appliques or a colored belt.

I already got married once, surely you can’t wear a dress like that again

Well, that’s really up to you! The fact that you are already reading this blog actually sends a very different message. After all, this means that you are still considering choosing a really beautiful wedding dress. Or, of course, a jumpsuit or suit, because you can do that too. Whether you get married at 20, 30 or later, it’s still special. And you get to celebrate that. A beautiful train also really makes your dress a wedding gown. You don’t wear a train easily, even on an evening gown. Don’t be too quick to think that this is only for young brides, a train is super chic and suits every age. It just has to match the dress. A tight dress with lots of lace often has a longer train than a bohemian dress with smooth skirt.

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of getting married in a wedding dress? You can also opt for a suit or jumpsuit. And do you still want that “bridal effect”? Then choose a lace coat with drag, a cape or long veil to pair with your suit. You will then have a look all your own and be the bride. As long as you stay close to yourself, it’s always good. And you know, your beloved loves you no matter what you’re wearing!

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