Pippi Winter Bridal Event: Step into an Enchanted Bridal World!

Are you getting married and enjoy preparing to pick out your Wedding Dress? To take a preliminary look at what's for sale? To get advice from a Bridal Stylist and DJ or Videographer? Get tasty snacks and a glass of bubbly? Then come to Pippi Winter Bridal Event on January 14, 2024 from 12-16h at Pippi Bridal Fashion, Klaasstraat 38 in Venlo.

Have You Said Yes? Then come Jan. 14 To:

Pippi Winter Bridal Event!

From 12-16 p.m. at Pippi Bridal Fashion, Klaasstraat 38 in Venlo

Hello Lovely Brides-to-be!

This winter we welcome you with open arms at Pippi Bridal Fashion for a magical Winter Bridal Event on Sunday, January 14 between 12:00 and 4:00 pm.

We have organized this afternoon especially for you to give you a wonderful first wedding dress experience beyond all your wedding dreams.

What Makes The Pippi Winter Bridal Event So Special?

A Warm Welcome: as soon as you step into our bridal boutique, you feel the distinctive atmosphere of warmth and love. Feel welcome, feel at home and feel completely happy as you immerse yourself in the world of bridal beauty.

Come meet owner Gini Peters
The facade of the store of Pippi Bridal Fashion

A Beautiful Collection of Contemporary and Quirky Dream Dresses: Get your heart racing as you wander through our collection of breathtaking wedding gowns. You don’t have to try anything on yet and nothing will be shown. During Pippi Winter Bridal Event, you can browse among the dresses quietly and at your leisure. We will help you so that you can actually get a good idea of the extraordinary collection of wedding dresses and wedding suits. From contemporary elegance to unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Every dress tells a story and we can’t wait to work with you to find the perfect chapter. And also for the bride who prefers not a dress, but perhaps a jumpsuit or special suit, we have an extensive collection of very beautiful and super special wedding suits.

First Your Dream Dress, Then The Rest: Of course, the perfect dress or suit is the most important thing you wear to your wedding. But of course, you style your dress or suit with the utmost care so that the picture is truly complete. With the shoes that match very nicely or provide a cool contrast. With earrings that are very chic or just a little crazy. How about a striking or subtle hair ornament, a cool hat to go with your romantic dress or a very dreamy veil? Together we will see what is possible and together we will discover your very personal and individual style.

And further….

Glamour with Professional Bridal Visage: Susan van Kempen of Studio Refresh is a guest at Pippi Bridal Fashion on Jan. 14. She is an experienced bridal makeup artist and will be with you all afternoon. Susan can give you super profi tips so that on your big day you will look your very best all day and really shine. Receive personalized advice and find out which look suits you best. With good bridal makeup, it’s just like with the right dress: the best part of you is emphasized, so you just don’t see the less beautiful things anymore. And be honest: you also just want to shine and come across beautifully in all the photos and images. After all, you’ll look back on that all your life! https://www.facebook.com/susanstudiorefresh/

Susan van Kempen of Studio Refresh
Jos Bos of Cape Media
Photographer Jill Spijkers

Videography as a Beautiful Lasting Memory: Do you want to have the wedding ceremony captured for later and do you also like moving images the most? Then grab your chance and meet Jos Bos during Pippi Winter Bridal Event. He is a videographer and can capture the most beautiful images during your wedding. So that later you can show your children how wonderful the party was and how moving the ceremony was. How fun your opening dance was and how great the atmosphere was during that beautiful day. http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100077963553441&locale=hi_IN&paipv=0&eav=AfZ0alyJ994e6v7sOgYR6CGPbdWO1JhhoDvlWuZVHitatSD5jC-Psbo8w2SX6DHNn90

A beautiful photo album with the most beautiful photos from your wedding will make you look back on your wedding with a big smile all your life. Jill Spijkers is an experienced photographer and will talk through your wishes with you in advance and she will provide the perfect photos. From dressing up, through the first look to the ceremony and from cutting the cake to the party. Everything can be recorded. Jill even has a drone that she can use to capture beautiful images from the air. Jill herself will be present at Pippi Winter Bridal Event and will be happy to tell you all about her methods. https://www.photos-by-jill.nl/

Live Music to Raise the Atmosphere: Get carried away by the tones of live music from Disco Limburg. Enjoy the wonderful music in our intimate setting and imagine how it would sound during your party! How the guests go wild on your favorite dance tracks or, on the contrary, a lovely romantic atmosphere can be created. DJ Harrie Bergh of Disco Limburg will be present himself so you can discuss ideas and possibilities for your own wedding with him. He has vast experience with wedding parties and loves helping you create the party of your dreams. That will only make your party better! https://www.disco-limburg.nl/

Harrie Bergh of Disco Limburg

Cheers to Your Future: Take a moment to toast to your future with a glass of prosecco and delicious appetizers that complete the festive atmosphere. Kaas & Kaasjes, recently located near Pippi Bridal Fashion on Klaas Street, provides delectable savory appetizers. Perhaps a good idea for your wedding? We also have all kinds of goodies for the sweet tooth. Pastry chef Lamers has long been a guarantor of award-winning sweet delights. Get pampered during Pippi Winter Bridal Event! https://www.kaasenkaasjes.com/; https://www.lamersbanket.nl/

Delicious savory appetizers from Kaas&Kaasjes
Sweet treats from Lamers Bakery

25 Exclusive Goodie Bags!

As an added bonus, we want to pamper the first 25 brides who book an appointment during our event with goodie bags full of valuable surprises. A small taste of the love we want to put into every detail of your wedding! Of course there are very nice goodies in the pretty bags, but especially valuable are the discount and vouchers. From the vendors collaborating on Pippi Winter Bridal Event and from other wedding vendors. Take advantage of over €1000 in very nice discounts and credits and make your most beautiful day a little more affordable!

Block Your Calendar for An Unforgettable Afternoon!

No need to make reservations, but don’t miss this opportunity to experience a magical afternoon of bridal fun. Block January 14 in your calendar and be sure to be on time! After all, there are only 25 goodie bags available! So, dear brides, mark Jan. 14 for Pippi Winter Bridal Event in your calendar and prepare for an amazing afternoon of gorgeous dresses, professional advice and festive atmospheres. It will be an afternoon to remember, and we can’t wait to greet you in person at Pippi Bridal Fashion.

Until then, dear brides!

Date and time: Jan. 14, 2024 from noon to 4 p.m.

Location: Pippi Bridal Fashion, Klaasstraat 38, 5911JR Venlo

Your Dream Dress Is Waiting For You – Let the Magic Begin!

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