Meet New Brand At Pippi Bridal Fashion: Studio Serravalle

Trunk show of new brand Studio Serravalle from March 10-16 at Pippi Bridal Fashion in Venlo

March 10-16, 2023 Trunkshow Studio Serravalle At Pippi Bridal Fashion in Venlo

Stylized ivory white long bridal gown with overlap and collar. Model stands on platform near water
Clean, stylish and delightfully quirky, Studio Serravalle

Beautiful New Brand At Pippi Bridal Fashion

Do you like dresses and suits that are super pretty without lace and tulle? Then you are welcome March 10-16 at Pippi Bridal Fashion. A very large part of Studio Serravalle’s collection will be hanging in the store then and you can come and try it on. After the trunk show, some of the collection will be permanently displayed in the store. Below you can see pictures of the collection and then you will also understand why I am so excited about this beautiful special brand!

I don’t know about you, but I really like this so much! These beautiful dresses and suits are so pure and so well made. You can see it in the beautiful fit and unusual lines. They fit all body sizes and conform to you, so to speak. But don’t wait too long, because full is full. Make your appointment soon during the Studio Serravalle Trunk Show!

The People Behind Studio Serravalle

Studio Serravalle is a top contemporary brand that creates beautiful bridal wear. Brother and sister Ida and Riccardo Serravalle founded the brand in 2022 and are not limited by notions of age, gender, body type and sexuality. Their designs are timelessly elegant and made to last. They combine traditional craftsmanship with the pursuit of excellence. They make beautiful wedding dresses, suits and jumpsuits that are really quite different from more traditional brands. This makes them true innovators. With a blend of rugged masculine lines to sophisticated feminine details, they are now conquering the world of bridal fashion. Studio Serravalle’s mission is to encourage individuality and, of course, to tell your own Love Story.

Come Look Or Better: Come Try On!

Does this sound like music to your ears? Do you also want to shine super trendy, durable and most of all sparkling beautiful in your wedding outfit? Then choose Studio Serravalle and get to know this beautiful brand at Pippi Bridal Fashion in Venlo. Make your fitting appointment soon now: https: //

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