How do I get my wedding dress clean again?

You didn’t think of it beforehand: but that beautiful dress can look really, really dirty after a day of partying! How do you solve that again?

photo bride with dress that is very dirty at the bottom.
photo of bride holding up her dress whose inner-bottom is very dirty

You are married! Congratulations!

You beamed all day in your beautiful dress and felt really great. But yes, of course that dress doesn’t look as beautiful now as it did the morning before your wedding! Your beautiful dress is probably very dirty at the bottom and at the train. ?

Don’t panic, you can usually clean that very well yourself. Do this as soon as possible, though, because the longer the dirt sits in the dress, the harder it will be to get it out!

Cleaning dress step-by-step

  • Fill your bathtub or other large container with lukewarm water
  • add a little soap. This may be dish soap, hand soap, baby soap, fine detergent or whatever you have. Do not use harsh detergents with bleach or i.d.
  • If you really have stains, use ossegal soap or green soap
  • Hang or lay the bottom of your dress in the water and leave it for 24 hours (e.g., you can hang the dress over the edge of your bathtub, leaving only the bottom in the water
  • Then, using the shower head with lukewarm water, spray the suds and dirt from the dress
  • Let your dress dry hanging on a sturdy hanger (after all, a wet dress is heavy!)
  • If you can, hang your dress outside. Then he smells nice and fresh too
  • Hang it high enough so it can hang all the way out and dry properly
  • Probably your dress is so clean by now, it doesn’t need to go to the dry cleaners anymore
  • If the black edge at the bottom of the dress doesn’t come clean, you can ask your seamstress if she will shorten the dress a few millimeters. You then got rid of the dirty edge and now it’s not a big deal if your dress is slightly shorter!
  • If your dress is very wrinkled, steam it with a small handheld steamer
  • If you want to store your dress, put it in the breathable sleeve you were given at the store
  • If you can, hang your dress in a dark room where it has plenty of room.
  • If you don’t have room, put the dress in the sleeve, flat on top of other items.

Step-by-step plan to refresh dress

Even though the bottom of your beautiful dress is now nice and clean, you may want to freshen up the top as well. You can get stains out with a wet cloth (at your bridal store they have special stain remover for that too). To refresh your dress, it’s best to hang it outside (make sure it’s securely attached to the hanger and not hanging in the rain!).

  • If your dress is hanging, spray some textile freshener on the dress (various brands available, such as Febrèze. Be sure to choose a colorless freshener)
  • Let air dry and then smell if you find the dress fresh enough
  • If it is still not fresh enough, spray some textile freshener on your dress again and then steam with a small handheld steamer

Good luck cleaning your dress!

You can choose branded or unbranded textile fresheners.
Whatever you want!
This is special stain remover for wedding dresses.
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