How Do I Style My Wedding Dress? – Unique Accessories for the Perfect Look!

With a cool hairstyle, a veil or a hat, you can add a personal touch to your bridal feel. You decide which shoes to wear, and you can make beautiful combinations or very own choices with jewelry and other accessories.

Of course, as a bride, you want to show how beautiful and special you are. To do so, you choose your own styling that flawlessly matches your character and your wedding dress. Go all out and show who you are!


Short, long? Curly or straight? Loose, half loose, put up?

Short, long? Curly or straight? Loose, half loose, put up? There are so many options with your hair when you get married! I always say: stay close to yourself. If you have long hair and always wear it fixed, then for your wedding choose a beautiful updo as well. Short hair? Super cute and with the right attention also very festive. Make sure your hairstyle for your wedding is just a little more chic, festive and special, but so you really stay yourself.

So how do you make your hairstyle extra festive? Simply, with fun hair ornaments! These can be strands with pearls or fun sparkles, flowers or leaves. These can be combs with embellishments, pins, pins, etc. Take a look at the pictures below. Make a nice match with your dress or choose contrast. Go for lavish or for subtle. Just the way you are…

Cute hair strand with pearls
Soft flowers made of organza
cute hair pins with leaves, rhinestones and pearls

Another really nice idea is to use flowers from your bridal bouquet. Ask your florist to prepare some flowers from your bouquet so you can have them incorporated into your hairstyle. Those flowers will then stay beautiful all day, make a nice unity with your bouquet and give the whole thing a natural happy look. You can choose subtle white (e.g. drywall) or a colorful flower. Anything goes. As long as you like it and wear it with style!

A Veil Gives That Real Bridal Feeling

You can choose a veil because it looks so beautiful with your dress, but you can also choose a veil because it gives a very surprising effect. For example, a beautiful long veil on a short dress or with a jumpsuit. Or a very striking veil with lots of lace on a very simple dress. Sometimes there are also matching veils for sale with a dress. Then you really make it a whole. A veil can also give your outfit that bridal touch that makes you feel like a bride! ?

Always consult with your hairdresser so he or she knows what you want. If you want a veil, make sure the hairdresser styles your hair so that a veil will hold. If you want to leave your hair completely loose, the hairdresser can use sliding pins to create a kind of hold where the comb of the veil rests. The veil can be worn in different ways: a little higher on the head, so that the veil falls past your face. If you put the veil lower, more at the back of your head, it becomes a kind of hair ornament. Try in the store what you like best and what suits you best.

The length of the veil also determines the look a veil gives. Do you opt for a short veil? That’s nice and spicy and sometimes even just an expression of fun! A half-length veil is a little more serious and often gives you an instant real bridal feel. If you have a dress whose skirt has a lot of embellishment, a half-length veil is a great choice. If you want a long veil, preferably choose one that is the same length as your train. I personally do not find a veil much longer than the drag to be chic, but I say already: that’s personal! If you want a super long veil that drags meters behind you, just go for that! There are no rules governing how “it should be done.”

Make sure your veil does not compete with your dress. If your dress is very busy with lots of lace and glitter, choose a quiet single veil that you can see through. On the contrary, if you have a very quiet dress, you can again choose more lace, glitter, pearls or other embellishments in your veil. If your dress is very clean with no embellishments, then you can really stand out with a fun embellished veil with eye-catching satin trim, with 3D flowers or lots of lace. You can choose a veil with embellishments only on the edge, or just throughout the veil. A double veil gives more volume and a single veil is very thin and you can easily see through that too. Of course, that’s nice if you have a special back in your dress!

Choose fun in your short veil. If you place the veil high, as here, it will fall nicely around your face
Mid-length single veil with delicate lace trim, very bridal, yet modest
A long ankle veil is chic and not too busy. Especially if it is the same length as the train of your dress

Or still prefer a hat?

Of course, you don’t have to choose a veil if it doesn’t suit you. You are the bride, so you decide! ? Maybe you are the type for a hat. This can be a modest little hat that you put on the back of your head, or a big tough hat. Take a look at the photos below to see how fun a hat can be.

Fun with cool hat
Stylish little hat on the back of the head
A wicker hat, sublime during a summer wedding on the beach


The same goes for shoes as for veils and hats. You just choose what suits you. These can be pumps, pointed or slightly rounded toe or maybe you just want nice summer sandals. You can choose a flat shoe, or just a heel. Do you choose a heel, what height, and do you want a narrow heel or just a solid block heel? And yes, you can also get married in sneakers, cool booties, cowboy boots, your finest slippers, or even bare feet. Again, the most important thing is to be able to be yourself. I would also always look at your dress, but really, of course, you decide how to combine it. Just look at the examples below!

Statement pink metallic booties under the jumpsuit
cute bridal sneakers with lace under your lace dress
Tough booties under the boho dress


Jewelry also allows you to show again who you are and what you stand for. If you always wear long earrings, then it is nice to do the same with your wedding dress. Then choose something that matches nicely in terms of color, but don’t be afraid to choose something eye-catching. If you are going for gold wedding rings, then it is best to choose gold for the rest as well. Or choose everything silver or rose. If you have striking earrings, then prefer no veil, no striking hair ornamentation and no necklace. Alternatively, you can go for just an eye-catching necklace. If you have a beautiful hairstyle with veil, then you actually hardly need jewelry. Of course, that necklace from your mother or your grandmother’s earrings are always possible. The same goes for fine bracelets and anklets. Go into the store and try and see the combination of your dress, a veil or hat and then your jewelry. See how everything looks together.

The great thing about good jewelry is: you can still wear it after your wedding. And then you always think back to your best day!?

For the bride who loves boho, cute plugs
Statement earrings, sleek and modern
Classic pearls. Always beautiful and subtle

So you see, you can totally transform your wedding gown, jumpsuit or suit into your ultimate bridal outfit with your styling. No one will look like you as you create your completely original combination. Enjoy picking, enjoy trying and most of all enjoy your wedding. Feel beautiful and feel special. Totally like you are!?

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