How do I find my perfect wedding dress?

Above all, look at who you are and what you want to emphasize. Then you are sure to find your perfect outfit!

How do I find the dress in which I feel beautiful and still be myself?

I don’t have the perfect size and sometimes feel very insecure. So how am I going to find a beautiful wedding dress?

Every bride is beautiful! You are happy in love and you radiate that! ?

? Unfortunately, most women are insecure at times and so are brides. Yet with everything you are unsure about, anyone, including you, can find the perfect wedding dress. How then? I’ll give you a hint ?!

Internet and edited photos

When you start looking, you often search the Internet. You see the most beautiful dresses, suits, etc. worn by models. These models often have ideal standard sizes. In addition, the photos have been edited. This means that the photographs do not show reality, but an embellished image of reality.

If you go looking for that dress from the picture and try it on in the store, that dress may suddenly look very different.

How then? Of course you can orient yourself on the Internet, but do so soberly and think about what your body looks like with each picture. Do that kindly for yourself and ask yourself if the dress does for you what you would like it to do. You can also go to a bridal fashion show with “real” women as mannequins. On Sept. 4, you can attend Pippi Bridal Fashion Show in Venlo. There see from various leading bridal brands the most beautiful dresses, shown off by beautiful women like you! Go to to sign up for the show!

Emphasize who you are

Or, look at our real brides in these photos. Why are they so beautiful? Simply, because they are happy and joyful. You can see that. They are wearing a dress or combination in which they feel beautiful and which really suits them completely. Therefore, it is important to take a moment to look at who you are, what you want to radiate and then what parts of your body you like and want to emphasize. ?

Are you a tough woman who prefers to walk in leather jacket or jean jacket all the time? Then, like Eva-Maria, you can choose a good dress that you combine with a jacket that totally suits you. You will have an aura in which you recognize yourself and therefore feel confident and strong. You can of course wear your own biker jacket or jean jacket, but you can also choose something that feels a little more bridal. You decide!

Are you a girl-girl who loves romantic lace and tulle? Then, like Gloria, choose a wonderfully festive dress with finely crafted top and wide skirt with all strips of tulle. Gloria thought strapless was beautiful, but also a bit exciting and so we made nice removable shoulder straps on the dress. This way she didn’t have to be insecure and felt wonderfully herself and you can tell!

Do you like simple lines and not too much frills? Then do like Steffi and choose a dress that is simple, but very stylish and of course fits you perfectly. Steffi fell like a log for this sleek satin dress, trimmed with tiny pearls. The wide sleeve falls gracefully open on her arm and gives a very distinctive look. ?

These are just a few examples of how you can use your own style and thus your own strengths to conjure up your very best you. If you emphasize who you are and, in addition, what you like about yourself, you won’t see the parts you like less at all. So you don’t actually have to cover anything up. That then happens naturally. You can see in all the photos of the Pippi brides that they are radiant and beautiful. You want that too, don’t you? And next to you then your sweet partner who stammers every minute how beautiful you are!?

First the shape, then the dress or suit

Once you know what you want to portray, start looking for what shape best suits you. Often this is very clear. Do you want to radiate that you are tough? Then look for dresses or suits that emphasize that toughness, for example a tight dress with a halter line, a dress with sturdy fabric or a dress with pockets in the skirt. Of course, you can then also try a suit or jumpsuit. If you want romantic, look for outfits with lace and/or flowers. By fitting, you’ll quickly find out the ideal shape.

Then it’s time for the next step: searching for the perfect dress, the ultimate suit, the very coolest jumpsuit or the most extraordinary combination of various loose elements. Anything is possible. As long as you look positively at yourself and your own body and start from the sides that you like and like best about yourself. Together we will then find the perfect outfit for you. Sometimes that means a dress off the rack, sometimes it means custom work. And everything in between. Did you know that you can get lots of dresses in various variations? Did you know that a seamstress is like a magician who gets your dress to fit perfectly? Did you know that we @pippibruidsmode can’t think of anything more fun than working with you to find your perfect wedding outfit? ??


Good accessories complete your outfit. Having chosen your dress or suit, you can now go all out with the rest of the styling. Maybe you want to accentuate the style with matching veil, hat or hair ornament? Perhaps you want just the opposite effect and seek contrast. How about a veil to go with a cool suit or jumpsuit? Or just a hat with a romantic dress? Gym shoes under your long dress or just long boots under a short skirt? Maybe you want kekek earrings to add spice to your dress? Anything goes and anything goes. Wonderful right?

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