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Your wedding shoes are an extension of your personality. It allows you to show something of yourself and make a statement. It is also important to choose comfort.

Hello brides-to-be! It’s time to talk about an important part of your wedding outfit: the wedding shoes! At Pippi Bridal Fashion, we believe in the quirky bride, and of course that means freedom of expression. That goes for everything, your dress (or jumpsuit or bridal suit of course) and that also goes for your wedding shoes. It is so nice that you no longer have to conform to a standard and that there are no rules for choosing your perfect wedding shoes. Anything is possible with us and we think nothing is too crazy!

Boldness and Creativity in Choosing Your Wedding Shoes!

Why stick to the traditional white wedding shoes? Of course, white shoes under a white dress are always beautiful and classic. It also gives a calm image and does not distract. If that’s what you want, then of course you choose the white shoe. Usually that will be ivory white because most dresses are also ivory white. Above all, do what makes you happy. Maybe that’s color for you, adding a touch of personality to your look! Think subtle pastel shades for a touch of romance or bright colors for a bold statement. A subtle nude, camel or mocha color always looks great with an all-white dress or one that has a colored lining. You can also choose a chic black shoe or sandal. The contrast with your dress adds to the excitement. Finding it hard to find the right color shoes? You can also have white wedding shoes dyed in the color you want. Just as easy!

Black patent leather shoes make it exciting
Pastel is soft yet just “different” for your wedding shoes
Mocha is natural yet striking

Wedding shoes with Sparkle!

Do you want to shine like a star on your wedding day? Then choose shoes with glitz and glamour! A little extra sparkle never hurts, right? If there’s already glitter in your dress, it’s a nice all appropriate addition, but even if your dress is very clean, a glitter shoe can add that little extra sparkle. You can, of course, do the same with a metallic shoe or one with glitter or metallic accents. And the best part? You can also wear them to special occasions afterwards, so you will always be reminded of your enchanting wedding! A glitter pump under your white jeans is really super cute!

“Sparkle” sandal with block heel
“Sparkle” pump
“Sparkle” flat sandal

Comfort and Durability Important for your Wedding Shoes!

Your wedding day is all about love and happiness, not sore feet! That’s why comfort is our priority. Choose high-quality shoes that are comfortable so you can effortlessly shine all day without sore feet. That means choosing shoes with a soft finish on the inside, a good model with shaped sole. You can also choose shoes with an ankle strap. This provides just a little more support than a regular pump. And let’s face it, good shoes are not only good for your feet, but also for the planet! Go for durable materials and choose shoes that you can enjoy wearing even after your wedding. That’s better for everyone.

Avy dares to wear cool booties as wedding shoes under her wedding dress
Sneakers are allowed all day, or do you only put them on when you get sore feet?
Nancy boldly chose pink metallic booties as her wedding shoes under her jumpsuit

Choose Your Own Style Wedding Shoes!

Who says you have to stick to traditional heels? Dare to choose something unique that reflects your personality! Whether you choose flat shoes, sneakers, block heels or boots, the most important thing is to be yourself and feel comfortable on your special day. Never let yourself be told that something doesn’t stand or “can’t” stand. You’re the bride, so that’s just entirely up to you. Plus, these versatile shoes are perfect for adding a personal touch to your wedding outfit AND you can just keep wearing them afterwards!

Want to get your bearings on beautiful wedding shoes in advance? Then take a look at At Pippi Bridal Fashion, we have an ever-changing cool collection of wedding shoes available from Elsa Coloured Shoes and Avalia. For more tips on styling your wedding dress with shoes and accessories, read the following blog:

So, modern brides, remember: your wedding shoes are not just an accessory, but an extension of your personality and style. Choose what makes you happy and let yourself shine on the dance floor of life! #StepInStyle #Wedding Shoes #ComfortEnStyle #Sustainability #PippiBrideFashion

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