Are brands important in bridal fashion?

Do you choose a brand? Is that important? Do you choose a fabric? In this article, I'll give you some pointers.

Modeca, Hervé Paris, Libelle, Rembo Styling, Cymbeline or Novia D’Art?

Of course, you can give several answers to that, because not everyone will have the same opinion about it. I do think it’s important to look at a brand. After all, a brand is also a guarantee of quality. After all, the brand will not want a dress to be no good and will therefore ensure that the clothes are of the best quality and workmanship. In addition, each brand has its own characteristics and appearance. Just take a good look at what suits you.

A Dutch brand like Modeca is sold all over the world and has been around for about 70 years. They have a name to uphold and so will do everything they can to have only happy customers! The French brand Hervé Paris also has a very unique signature and beautiful finish.

More expensive brand better than a cheaper brand?

Beautiful mikado and luxurious lace incorporated into this dress from Modeca

No, it’s not that simple either. Every bridal fashion brand works carefully and with the best intentions. However, it is true that a more expensive brand often uses more expensive materials. The fabrics are just a little nicer and the yarns and buttons used just a little better.

Also, quality is often in small things. The buttons of a cheaper brand are often stuck with a few stitches, while the buttons of a more expensive brand are just a little better secured. This is all handwork and therefore expensive. You decide what is important to you!

Is the used fabric of a brand important?

Yes, that’s important. Of course first and foremost because everyone has their own preferences. You can be sure that all fabrics used by good brands in bridal fashion are of good quality and have optimum comfort. In addition, the fabrics used all have their unique properties and appearance. that makes one brand use a lot of satin and another use crepe or mikado. Commonly used fabrics from brands that are for sale at Pippi Bridalwear Pippi’s Collection are listed below.

Satin at Liretta and Novia D’Art

If you like shiny, then you will soon choose satin. This has a very nice sheen and a luxurious look. Satin falls very smooth and supple around your body. Perfect for a beautiful smooth dress that should fall smoothly. Satin is also great for wide-leg pants and tops. You often see jackets finished with details of satin such as the lapels. Check out the suits from Spanish brand Novia D’Art and dresses from Liretta. In its new 2023 collection, Modeca also has very beautiful satin dresses! Pippi’s Collection

The model is wearing a chic bridal suit with wide high-waisted slacks. On top, a shiny draped top with thin spaghetti straps and a slightly oversized jacket with long rolled-up sleeves. This suit is from Novia D'Art.
Satin in the pants and top and on the lapels of this suit by Novia D’Art

Mikado and Modeca

You can also choose mikado. This is just a bit more matte than satin, but also has a very subtle sheen. Where silk used to be widely used, people now often choose mikado. It has the same rich look, but is more user-friendly (you can remove a stain from mikado more easily than from silk, for example). Mikado is a little less smooth and supple than satin, making it very suitable for large skirts and stand-up collars. Especially if you have some layers of tulle under such a skirt that make for a full look! You can also make fun embellishments like bows out of mikado and they will stay in shape! Modeca Pippi’s Collection often uses mikado in its dresses with large skirts. Very stylish!

Crêpe at Hervé Paris

If you like your fabric to flow smoothly, you will soon end up with crepe. This is a lovely fabric that feels fine on your body, does not crease easily and is suitable for dresses with a tight skirt, with an a-line or a gathered skirt. Crepe is also very good for loose-fitting garments such as skirts, pantaloons and jackets. It is available in different thicknesses and can just be processed very finely. Almost all brands work with crepe for their bridal collections. At Hervé Paris, many of the dresses are made (in part) with crepe. Pippi’s Collection

Bohemian dress with lace top on sheer tulle. Underneath, a dashing wide crepe skirt with a slit on the leg.
Dream dresses with pretty lace in the top and a flouncy skirt of crepe at Hervé Paris

Tulle in veils and dresses from Le Papillon

Tulle is often used for veils. Then usually a softer type of tulle is used, such as with the Dutch brand Poirier. We also often see that dresses are decorated with tulle. For example, the train often contains tulle, whether or not embellished with lace or satin. We also see tulle being incorporated into the skirts. You can make a skirt out of multiple layers of tulle, with the lower layers often being thicker and providing shape and strength. The top layers are then of thinner and softer tulle, making it fall beautifully. The tulle can also be used over an underskirt of other material. You can then see that through the tulle and it also gives a very nice effect.

The tulle can be decorated with glitter, beads, sequins and lace. Each brand has its own way of processing and decorating the tulle. Almost all brands use tulle and also at the brand Le Papillon Pippi’s Collection we see beautifully crafted dresses with tulle. These dresses just get dreamy from the beautiful beading and lace.

All lace dress by Le Papillon by Modeca with partially see-through top. Skirt is lined with cappuccino label. The dress is fitted and has thin spaghetti straps.
This beautiful dress by Le Papillon has beautiful fine lace processed with sequins and beads

Lace at Hervé Paris and Libelle

In addition to the quality of lace, you can of course look at the look of lace. A dress where the lace towards the train becomes less and less busy is often seen as classic. A dress with lots of lace in the top and possibly also in the sleeves, gives an Ibiza feel. This is also called bohemian or boho. We see this a lot with the dresses of Hervé Paris. Looking at dresses from Libelle, here we also see models where the dress has exactly the same lace in a regular pattern from the top to the train. The busy nature of lace is actually calmed down by the use of a fixed pattern across the entire dress. Pippi’s Collection

All in all, there is a lot to choose from. Of course, I have by no means named everything in terms of fabrics and qualities, but let it be clear that brands have a name to uphold. It’s your choice which brand you prefer, because it’s just a matter of taste and budget!

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