Always stay yourself, even in your wedding dress!

The most beautiful bride is the bride who is completely herself. But, how do you do that?

It’s not every day you get married and you want to show off your most beautiful self on that special day. Covering up all your imperfections and highlighting strengths. Of course, that’s just what every woman wants and especially on her wedding day. Still, in this blog I want to emphasize the importance of staying yourself and how to do that in a wedding dress! How can you be yourself in that?

Model on stairs for beach house. She wears a translucent ivory long tulle wedding gown, set with tiny pearls. The bottom of the dress consists of a short jumpsuit in light cappuccino color that is easily visible under tulle.
A dress for the bride who loves to challenge and stand out

Why be yourself?

You can probably answer that question yourself: your partner has fallen for you and loves you for the person you are. Your friends and family love you for the person you are. None of them are waiting for you to suddenly become different. Or would look different. It might even scare them! Making yourself more beautiful is wonderful, of course, and smoothing out some creases and covering up a roll of fat is just fun. But keep being yourself! Do you never use makeup and have pronounced makeup done for your wedding? Not a good idea. Do you always wear pants and have a “boyish” clothing style? Then leave that veil and do something else with your hair. Do you love floral dresses and romance? Then choose not a cool halter dress, but a dress with lace and wide skirt. On the contrary, it is a good idea to empower yourself. You can surprise everyone, but it’s nice if you remain recognizable.

Model from the side in cool ivory white wedding suit. Wide-leg pants with high waist, draped satin top in ivory with spaghetti straps and slightly oversized jacket with rolled up long sleeves. Model wears large wicker hat.
For the bride who doesn’t want a dress at all!

How do you stay yourself in a wedding dress?

It may not seem so easy, but it really can be done! You don’t have to become a doll or suddenly transform into your posh aunt. Just think quietly: what look do I want on my wedding day? How can I emphasize my best traits? You write that image down or hold onto it when you go to to pick out your dress or suit. There you don’t go haphazardly trying on, but first discuss what you want to look like, when and where you are getting married and with whom, etc. We combine that info with what you look like “normally” and then we can do a targeted search. Of course, we also take into account your physique and what you like and dislike about yourself. But, don’t be afraid. No person is perfect and no one expects that at all! If you feel confident, then you radiate that and are naturally gorgeous?.

Model in tight ivory wedding dress with "tuxedo" shawl collar at the V-neckline, accented waist and slit at the leg.
Tough and elegant

Show yourself and then you will be at your most beautiful. Examples?

  • Do you have tattoos? You have those for a reason. Choose an oufit that matches your tattoos and is perfect for showing off your works of art correctly. Nothing better than a romantic dress with lace and spaghetti straps and then that beautiful tattoo on your back!
  • Or are you someone who loves details and always looks to pass muster? With beautiful tailoring, we make sure that every outfit you choose fits perfectly. With your stylish outfit, you can choose a matching veil or hair adornment. Maybe you want matching earrings? We’ll take care of that too. Shoes? Check! ✔
  • What if you do get married, but are sure you won’t feel comfortable at all in a long dress with heels? Then we will just look at a short dress, suit, jumpsuit or a nice combination. And how about sneakers under your outfit?
  • What do you do if you love summer and the beach? Then, of course, we look for a boho dress and pair it with cute sandals that you can kick off after the ceremony!

Model with bohemian dress with delicate lace top and spaghetti straps and flared skirt with top layer of tulle.
Your dress for the beach?

This allows every bride to be completely herself and show her very best “me” on her wedding day. Really can’t find what you’re looking for? Then read on.

Custom made outfit

Maybe you want something really special that you just can’t find in any store. Have you tried many things but just couldn’t find it? Did you like the skirt of one dress and the top of another. Or have you seen something made for someone but not for sale? Bring it on! ? Gini will then look into what is possible for you. Sometimes we can combine individual items from different suppliers into the perfect outfit. Other times we complement an outfit with a garment or accessory made for you. There are also brands in bridal fashion where you can customize, for example, the skirt of a dress, the color of a lining or the length of the sleeve according to your wishes. Sometimes a solution is easier than you think and by adding sleeves or a hoop under the skirt, for example, we can create exactly your dream outfit!

So a lot is possible, and with a little patience and imagination, your idea too can become a reality. Either way, such a custom made outfit is completely unique. No one has the same combination so you can really find your perfect outfit for your wedding.

In short, every bride can be herself. No one has to pretend to be someone else and every bride just has an outfit to match. And if we don’t find it, we’ll create it for you! Want inspiration? Then sign up for the Pippi Bridal Fashion Show on September 4, 2023 in Venlo at!

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