7 Wedding Dress Necklines! Which One Fits You Best?

Each neckline has a different effect on the silhouette of your wedding dress. Therefore, it is good to learn about the possibilities of the V-neck, round neck, stand-up collar, waterfall neck, etc.

You’ve been dreaming about your wedding day, now it’s time to shine in the perfect wedding dress. Let me take you on an enchanting journey through the different wedding dress necklines that can give your look a dose of flair. The right neckline in your wedding dress will make you even more beautiful and give you exactly that bridal silhouette you desire.

1. V-Neckline in your Wedding Dress: A Touch of Romance with a Touch of Wow!

The V-neck is like a magical walking fairy tale. Add a touch of romance to your day as you elongate your silhouette and amaze everyone. Perfect for stealing hearts, or two! A V-neckline see a lot in wedding dresses, in all kinds of variations. Sometimes very narrow and deep (exciting!) and sometimes just wider and less deep. Then again, it’s a more sophisticated image that emerges. A V-neck is actually always beautiful and suits every figure. And you, of course, decide how exciting you want to make it….

2. Round Neckline in your Wedding Dress: Simple, Elegant, and Always Chic

For brides who go for timeless elegance, there is the round neckline. Simplicity adorns the queen (and the bride)! Nevertheless, a round neck is not always so popular and we see this much less in wedding dresses than the V-neck. Because the neckline on a round neckline is fairly high, it draws more attention to your breasts and makes them appear larger than they are. Especially with a somewhat fuller bosom, this can feel uncomfortable. Of course, it remains mostly a matter of taste, so just go ahead and give it a try.

3. Wedding Dress with Boat Neckline: Hello Modern Chic!

Go crazy and embrace modern chic with a boat neckline! Feel like a rock star as you rock this contemporary style. Actually, a boat neck is super classic. We saw this neckline a lot in the clothes of Jacky Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, and this soft neckline always looks super elegant. Many women find this neckline a bit dowdy and covering. So again, that is your own taste and you will just have to test it.

4. Wedding Dress with Waterfall Neckline: Gently Waving to the Wedding Boat

Feel the romance sliding down your neck like a waterfall! The waterfall neckline adds a soft, fairy tale touch to your look. Perfect for brides who love a little drama! A waterfall neckline is actually a bit of a variation of a square and/or round neckline. Because the fabric is not smooth and tight, but falls loosely, you get a very special look that draws all the attention to your cleavage. It sometimes looks like you can see right into the cleavage, but of course we always make sure everything is neatly covered!

5. Wedding Dress with Square Neckline: Structure with a Wink to Vintage Glam

Be the queen of vintage glam with a square neckline in your wedding dress! Add some texture to your look while embracing your inner Hollywood star. A square neckline is super exciting and shows a lot of your cleavage. The important thing is that you like this with your shoulders. After all, a square neck is nice, but then if you also have square shoulders, you get a somewhat angular image and that’s a shame. So, just trying again!

6. Strapless Wedding Dress: Let Those Shoulders Shine!

Do a dance of joy with a strapless dress! Or go for the sweetheart neckline and add a touch of romance. You are the star, and the dress is your dance partner. Many women feel a bit naked in a strapless dress and, of course, it is also quite a bit exposed at your shoulders and top of your cleavage. So with strapless dresses, perfect tailoring is super important. The dress should be tight and not sag, but again should not pinch and thus cause rolls. Your seamstress is your best friend to make sure your strapless dress is beautiful and, most importantly, comfortable. And by the way, shoulder straps can always be made on a strapless wedding dress!

7. Wedding Dress with Halter Neckline: Bold, Different and Again All Attention To The Shoulders!

Do you want something “different” from what most brides have and have some nice shoulders? Then look for a dress with a nice halter line. This instantly gives a very cool look and allows you to let that well-trained shoulder area shine! Square shoulders naturally lend themselves ideally to a halter, but the important thing is that you find that it suits you. So just try it. Want to know more about how to find the perfect wedding dress (or bridal suit)? Then read the blog: https://pippibruidsmode.nl/hoe-vind-ik-mijn-perfecte-trouwjurk/.

Choose the neckline that gives your bridal look the perfect dose of fun! With more knowledge and understanding of the wonderful world of wedding dresses and necklines, the countdown to your radiant day begins!

Waterfall Neckline, always charming

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