How does picking out your wedding dress work? Watch the video!

In this video, I tell Nathalja how picking out a wedding dress goes at Pippi Bridal Fashion ?.

I tell Nathalja (in an interview for local broadcaster Peel and Maas) how things go at Pippi Bridal Fashion when you come to pick out a wedding dress. Very briefly I will tell you the following:

  • the most important thing is to find a wedding dress, bridal jumpsuit or wedding suit that fits you, your personality and your body perfectly;
  • I look at how you look “normally” so I can find an outfit that fits you. As an example, I cite the difference between a sporty person or a “girl-girl” woman. How does this affect the choice?
  • I look at your physique to find a dress or suit that makes you even more beautiful, as an example I talk about the shape of your shoulders. What does that mean for choosing your outfit?
  • Finally, I would like to point out that for your fitting appointment at Pippi Bridalwear you do not have to pretend to be anything other than what you are.
  • As a tip, I would add that it is best to wear skin-colored, smooth underwear. That’s when the dresses and suits fit best and you won’t be distracted by a black thong or white slip that is suddenly very visible!
To Nathalja I tell you how picking out your wedding dress goes at Pippi Bridal Fashion!

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